Ashod Simonian | Creative Director at North Agency & Co-founder of Imaginary Authors Perfumery

Beauty and communication come in so many shapes, and Ashod juggles a few. As Creative Director at North he smooths along projects and products with the best of them. As co-founder of Imaginary Authors he peddles olfactory stories to customers in need of scents and inspiration.

Your manifesto / rules to live by / motto:

“Make it uncomfortabler.”

How would you describe your work if you left out all the boring parts?

Zany ideas & pretty colors.

Pen, pencil or stylus?

There is nothing cooler than ink flowing out of a pen.

Be honest: how often do you clean your desk?

Kind of often. It tends to pile up quick when I am on a project and there is no better feeling than coming back to my desk after a big presentation and starting from scratch.


Sonneleder Lasse Pencil Case

The Lasse is large and in charge. Like the big brother to our other Sonnenleder cases, it's the biggest toughest one on the block and will hog all your pencils if you aren't careful. The Lasse is fully decked out with fifteen pencil-sized loops, five mid-sized loops for sharpeners or erasers, and a large flat strap for who knows what (business cards? Credit cards? Slim ink bottle? Bandages for excessive pencil use wounds?). And somehow all that storage fits inside a neat package. In the space of a slim novella you can carry a lifetime of art or writing tools and look impeccably appointed while doing it. The high quality leather is double layered, tough stitched and durable enough to protect your vital items.