Jennifer James Wright | Design Director of Ouur Studio

JJ cut her teeth in the studio at Wieden+Kennedy, and her multidisciplinary design and illustration work has lent a hand to clients such as Nike Skateboarding and Hometapes. Her art direction made an impact on the visually clever Kinfolk Magazine prior to the launch of their inviting new product line Ouur where she is the simplicity-loving powerhouse overseeing all things creative. 

Your manifesto / rules to live by / motto:

There’s nothing wrong with learning as you go. It’s scary to take on work outside of your expertise, but oftentimes I find that the creative process can be applied to other disciplines as long as there’s a heavy dose of logic in it.

Slow it down. The workplace is such a rushed environment no matter where you are and all too often we make decisions (creative or not) without the upfront critical thought they need.

Be nice. No one likes working with jerks.

How would you describe your work if you left out all the boring parts?

I lead all creative needs for the Ouur brand – everything from designing the printed lookbooks to art directing the seasonal campaign shoots to shaping each season’s overarching concept to help guide the apparel designers in Japan. Because we’re a small team, I also have my hands in other areas such as strategizing for our U.S. launch, developing new collaboration items, attending sample checks and so on.

Pen, pencil or stylus?

Pen. Really into the erasable pens right now.

Be honest: how often do you clean your desk?

I actually do a quick tidy-up at the end of each day. Our office is bright and clean, so I try to keep my corner from being a total eyesore. Now that I’m in the habit, I find I almost need a tidy desk to get in the right head space.



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