Lizy Gershenzon | Brand and Interface Designer at Scribble Tone

Lizy harnesses the power of the written word by designing with letters. As a type-obsessed designer at Scribble Tone, her work takes her into brand, identity and strategy, but never strays far from her typographic heart.

Your manifesto / rules to live by / motto:

Appreciate the good things, while continuing to figure out ways to improve. Also, eat and sleep well, drink lots of water and take walks around trees!

How would you describe your work if you left out all the boring parts?

I figure out how to market and make digital products.

Pen, pencil or stylus?

Pencil and stylus.

Be honest: how often do you clean your desk?

Once a week or when guests come.



Admit it. You deserve a convertible. And justifying it is even easier when that sportster is a useful work tool. The Rotring 800MP isn't just the Cadillac of mechanical pencils (and it is), it's also rearing to go on your digital work too. Finish your notes, dial the retractable mechanical pencil tip back, then swipe, type or doodle your day away with the built-in stylus tip. Ideal for napkin-to-screen thinkers.

Rotring has been known for beautiful and ingeniously designed writing tools since 1928. These prove why with a solid aluminum body for satisfying balance, knurled grip for easier traction and more control, neatly hidden eraser, precision brass mechanism for perfect lead movement, and an extra-supportive tip to reduce breakage. The tip design is minimal, allowing you a greater view of your work. The retraction even has a particularly secure "twist click" lock-out, ensuring that your pocket (or your screen) has nothing to fear from a sudden reappearance of lead.

We're not saying the 800+ will make you write faster, but you might not stop for red lights.