Olivia Britz-Wheat | Tattoo Artist at Fortune Tattoo

Olivia’s strong lines and classic graphics are trophy images on bodies and walls across the world. Her distinctive tattooing style is a bit spooky, a bit nostalgic, always bold and beautiful. She currently does her magic out of Fortune Tattoo in Portland.

Your manifesto / rules to live by / motto:

A tattoo is forever, not just an accessory. Black outlines are important to make them look good for all your years...not just a few of them.

How would you describe your work if you left out all the boring parts?

Non-stop drawing! Also lots of chatting. Really the only thing boring about my job is answering emails so I’m pretty lucky!

Pen, pencil or stylus?

Pens!! I like to see my mistakes and learn from them.

Be honest: how often do you clean your desk?

At the shop I clean my spot every day, since it’s a shared space. At home though it’s a totally different story! I tend to sprawl if I’m not kept in check.



Get to the chopper! An updated version of what Olivia uses below, this oversized craft knife isn't messing around but it can help you make a righteous mess. The adjustable blade is huge, steeply angled and replaceable. The handle is slim but weighty.

This knife is good for wood carving and outdoor activities or heavier at-home projects. The blade and handle are both made of stainless steel to prevent rust, and the tightening mechanism is a knurled solid brass knob. Replacement blades are available. Feels good in the hand, and probably terrible in the gut.