Sasha Burchuk | Web Developer & CMS Specialist

Sasha Burchuk builds beautiful, diverse online spaces. She is responsible for elegant online presentation for dancers, artists, and carefully curated boutiques such as Stand Up Comedy

Your manifesto / rules to live by / motto:

1. It doesn’t matter where you start. Start anywhere. Even starting in the wrong place is better than delaying starting.
2. If you’re not failing on a regular basis you’re not pushing yourself, and if you’re not pushing yourself you’re not going to grow.
3. Don’t fear failure, it is a natural part of life, unavoidable, and you can learn a lot from it.
4. Be generous with your time and resources because there is not enough generosity in the world.
5. If you’re going through hell, keep going! The only way out is through.
6. There has to be a quid-pro-quo for life to be enjoyable. You have to get out of it what you put in to it. If that’s not happening, something needs to change.

How would you describe your work if you left out all the boring parts?

I think of myself as kind of a mechanic, because I spend a lot of time just fixing things. But there is also a creative aspect to programming that I find very beautiful.

Programming is a practical form of magic. At its best programming is a very highly organized expression of a perfect system. You have to think through all of the components of the system and then figure out how to put them together to make something work. There’s a universal beauty to programming that I find fascinating. Sometimes I think about how everything in my life is just “running a program” - even the cells in my body are running programs to absorb nutrients and carry oxygen and make energy.

Pen, pencil or stylus?

Dry erase board for writing out complicated code and drawing diagrams.

Be honest: how often do you clean your desk?

I rarely clean my desk because I don’t need to. I practice minimalism at work and at home because if my space is uncluttered then my mind is uncluttered. As soon as I am done with something I take it off my desk, recycle it, give it away or get rid of it. I avoid bringing things that I don’t need into my space. I make a few exceptions for things that cheer me up and inspire me to keep working, like plants and things that friends made and gave to me. I guess I am fortunate though to have a profession where the vast majority of what I make I make inside of a computer.


What makes the Ellepi stapler smile? Does its high-chrome finish tickle? Does it gloat, knowing its retro style still charms? Maybe these little staplers are dreaming of their Italian roots, growing up in small batches in a cozy 4-man factory near Milan. One way or another, their personality is undeniable and the smirk is infectious.

The stark white Klizia 97 model is pleasantly new/old and nicely hand-sized. You can easily use it handheld, or against a tabletop. Ellepi staplers take a proprietary extra-small staple and can take up to 16 standard sheets of paper. Also available in special edition Gold and Black