What Is a Chair?

chair definition

A chair is a piece of furniture that is designed for one person to sit in. It provides support for the back and arms and is typically supported by four legs. A chair may also have a footrest that is raised when the seat is in a reclined position. Other pieces of furniture that provide seating for more than one person are called sofas, settees or chaise longues. A chair can be used in a home, office or public space and is available in a variety of styles and materials.

Chairs are designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as comfortable. They are made with various fabrics, woods and metals and can have a variety of designs to suit the decor of the room where they will be placed. Some chairs are upholstered in leather and have wide armrests, low backs and lots of padding. Others have a more formal look and are designed to be placed in a parlor or library.

In many cases, the term chair refers to a seat of authority or dignity, as in the chair of the House of Representatives or the chair of a committee or academic department. A chair can also be a symbolic article of state or dignity, as in the throne of a monarch or the chair of a cathedral. A chair may also be a receptacle for liquids such as wine, spirits or beer.

A massage chair can be a great way to relax and unwind. Whether you are buying a high-end model with Bluetooth, enhanced 4D rollers and body scanning or a more basic version it can be very helpful to relieve your tense muscles. However, it is important to realize that the first few times in a massage chair can feel rough and sore as your muscles and tissues get acclimated to this type of manipulation.

The word chair is derived from the Latin cathedra which means “seat” and is the origin of the name of the cathedral in Lincoln, England, where the Bishop has his throne. The word can be a noun or a verb and it is a very versatile item of furniture that has served as the seat of authority in many cultures and institutions throughout history.

It is possible to confuse the meaning of the word chair because there are so many items that can be referred to as chairs but only the ones that have been designed to hold a human being while in a seated position are considered true chairs. A pouf can be a chair but not a bucket or a fish trap even though they have the same functionality. It is also possible to confuse the words chair and seat because although there are things that can be sat on such as desks, stairs, large rocks and benches they are not considered to be chairs. It is the ability to hold a human being that makes something a chair not its other functions.